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Hey there, welcome to my site, if you've never heard of me before, where have you been? It's about time we meet. I am a strategic business consultant, CEO, coach, and publisher and I help stuck entrepreneurs, executives, and brands, to overcome their visibility and profit challenges. I have launched over 300 businesses and brands in my lifetime, helped over 160 Authors to publish, and coached thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.  Profitable Marketing Campaigns and results are my music and I love to dance. As a result of working with me, my clients can expect to experience increased revenue, influence, 

and brand awareness.

So, the fact that you are here on my website, means you are ready to kick doors open. So let's get down to business. Since every client is unique, my approach is unique, which makes your result unique to you and your team. The best way for us to get started is for you to submit your request to make sure we can make magic together. Or call my office for a free 15 mins no-obligation consultation. I know you want to know more about me and how I can help you reach your goal, so stay on and explore some more and connect with me on the contact page, I would love the opportunity to serve you!

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Best Seller Publishing at your finger tips.


Amanda P

Excellent customer service and thorough service, they'll stick with you until every I is dotted and T is crossed. Even if there is any slight miscommunication the boss steps in and deals with it immediately. Not only do they help you to start your business, they coach you through the process so that you can maintain profits out the gate. I like the free coaching group the company has, it helps me to stay on top of my game too. Eternally grateful to Business Startup & Marketing Solutions.

Gabriel G

There are no words to describe Ms. Joan and her team's dedication to my publishing success, even offering after-sales service. My fears and anxiety were alleviated from day 1. I even hired their Business Marketing company to assist me with starting my health and wellness business. 5 stars for sure.

Majidah S

I was writing a book and needed help to organize my thoughts. I took the Online book writing class which was excellent. I loved the one on one coaching, and the homework assignments prepared me to continue writing and inspired me to finish my book and publish it. This course was helpful and I would recommend it and this company.